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Here is a basic rundown on how stats work here at the rpg. If you have any questions regarding them, feel free to contact us about it.


Strength: Certain attacks will do more damage based on your strength, such as punches and kicks. Adding more points to this will result in doing more damage with these attacks.


Speed: This a rating on how fast your character is. Basically, this just determines who goes first in battle. The person with the higher speed will go first, always.


Vitality: This will determine how much hp you gain per level, but you only get as much as the level before. The easiest way to explain is an example. At level 1, you have 20 hp and 4 vit. So at level 2, you will have 24 hp. If you but 3 points in it with your skill points given at level 2, then you will have a total of 7 vit, so at level 3 you will have 31 hp and so on...if you don't understand, just watch how your hp increases per level.


Ki: Your special moves use up ki, the stronger the attack, the more ki you use up. This system is similar to the vit system. You will start with 5 ki (just like you start with 20 hp), and if you have 3 points in ki, then at level 2, you will have 8 points of ki and so on.


As stated, everyone will start off with 20 hp and 5 kp, irregardless of vit and ki. You will get 10 stat points per level, which you will divide over the 4 areas as you see fit. Levels are given from training, sparring, battling, and doing quests. Check your stat pages often, and if you notice you get a level, be sure and contact one of us about how you want your stats divided.