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Well boys and girls, here are a few simple rules you must follow in order to participate in our RPG.


1. You must use our chat server to participate, unless we give you special permission...all quests will happen in the chat server however...if you cannot get the chat server to work, email us and we will tell you how to fix the problem.


2. Trunks and Goku (us) have final say in all disputes, regarding battles or whatever. If you ask us to solve a problem, we will do just that, and our word is final.


3. All our decisions are final...bitching about our decision is bitch, you get punished.


4. If you spar, or have a battle, and neither of us is moderator, PLEASE be sure and send the full battle/spar to us, along with how you want stat points divided.


5. DO NOT send us the same battle or spar more than twice. We know email accounts flub, so if you send it twice and we don't respond or update accordingly, contact us.


6. If you have a problem of any sort, PLEASE only send us 1 email about it. If you send more than one, it will be deleted. If this becomes a problem, you will be suspended for an amount of time determined by us.


7. If you refer a new member, and they mention that you referred them, you will be given a reward, such as a rare item, a minor increase in level, or a new move you want to learn, depending on how we feel you should be rewarded.


8. Established characters: Don't make a habit of picking on the newbies. If you choose to make this a habit, you may find yourself a newbie again...Newbies, don't be afraid to let us know if someone is picking on you.


9. Do not share items unless you are on a team and are in the same place, unless you have special permission from us.


10. Do not harass anyone, under any circumstances, including us. We try and handle all things fairly, but if you become a nuisance either to us, or another player, YOU WILL BE DELETED.


11. No excessive swearing, mainly because it makes you seem less intelligent than you example of excessive swearing is this sentence: Fuck the fucking fuckers. We don't mind a few swear words here and there, but don't make yourself out to be a complete moron, or we'll have no problem deleting you.


12. Okay, I'm adding this rule because SOME people just can't take a hint. ABSOLUTELY NO MADE UP CHARACTERS UNLESS WE APPROVE THEM BEFORE YOU SEND A JOIN FORM. To see if a made up character is ok, contact us on yahoo or some other way. If this keeps up, we'll ban your IP.


Consequences for violating rules:

1. warning

2. loss of level(s)

3. Deletion of character

4. Any other punishment we may decide on.

*note: Deletion will be saved for extreme cases, but we reserve rights to invoke any punishment at our discretion.


If there is any problem with a rule, you have 2 choices. Email us the problem and why you feel this is a problem, or simply live with it.